by: Nedim Hadzimahmutovic

AWS Lightsail containers service is a new and easy way to deploy containers. With Lightsail, you don’t need to worry about registries, services, health checks, hostnames, etc. — as everything is built-in.

Our app

In this example, we will be deploying a dummy PHP app and running two containers:

I even provided a dummy composer file so that we can install the dependencies.

The NginX Container

This Dockerfile copies preconfigured NginX configuration files and sets the usual stuff, such as:

Finding a healthy work-life balance is important, and no one knows that better than Annette O’Neil, Head of Operations here at Clearview. It ensures both your physical and mental wellbeing and even helps to increase productivity. Sounds like a winner!

Image by Andreas Klassen on Unsplash

When Annette isn’t juggling various projects at Clearview Studios, she is delving into an action-packed life. And speaking of which …

A fresh Saturday morning in February is a good day as any to take your two wheels and go on a bike ride. …

We know what you’re thinking: Nooooot possible. Right? Ha. We thought so.

Pro tip: It is, with a slight twist.

We’ve been riding that twist to build our clients’ tech-side strategy for many, many moons. Make no mistake: There’s an art to it. The not-so-secret secret is that it’s a collaborative art.

Lots of art starts with the equivalent of a stick figure, and ours is certainly one of them. Specifically, our art started with the drawing of a single line, right down the middle of talent. …

Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas on Unsplash

I find myself staring at my laptop screen, a half-written email in front of me, and an endless to-do list swirling around in my head. The all-too-familiar urge to just walk away from it all arises and I immediately beat it back with thoughts of “I have so much that needs to be done.” I sat there completely ineffective and paralyzed by these two conflicting thoughts.

My thoughts shift to the well-intentioned self-care regime I had so carefully detailed in my journal, and then completely ignored. I didn’t have time for it now. I would start tomorrow.

Then there are…

We know this already: In order to build a great project, you don’t just need to have a small (sometimes, very small) army of solid devs. You need to refine the project scope. Sure!, you say… But what does that actually mean?

photo credit: elmago_delmar

Creating new software can be a massive undertaking that can take years of development. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be the first to a solution that’s going to be hands-down better than what’s already out there.

We’re here to tell you how.

Like most magic spells, it’s short. It’s powerful. And it’s harder…

As a Clearviewer, you have an amazing vehicle to get ahead. You have possibilities. You have options.

You have power under your hood…but you have to get in the driver’s seat.

Design by: Adnan Puzic | Lead Designer at Clearview

There is no set formula; no pre-ordained path for you to take; there are no limits — but, to unlock your maximum potential here, you need to take initiative. We are happy to help you grow in any direction you like, but your growth is your responsibility.

Here’s how to be proactive about your growth at Clearview. Go ahead: Take it for a drive.

1. Draw your own map.

Before you get going, you need to decide on a destination. Get really clear on what you want to achieve and — very importantly — why you want to achieve it.

Here’s a pro tip: Make…

Head of Operations Annette O’Neil is about to get on a plane. Her task: to set up Clearview’s first overseas office. The place: Manchester, England.

Are you one of those folks who’re scratching their head and thinking’ “uh…England? Why not London?” Well then. Pull up a chair and let us brew you a strong, Northern cuppa, my friend. There are several good reasons we’re setting our roots in the North, and Annette’s about to tell you why we’re walking straight into the champagne supernova of startup culture that is Manchester.

You’re our wonderwall, Bee City.

Interviewer: Okay, let’s start at the beginning. If Clearview is…

Photo by Malvestida Magazine on Unsplash

See it for what it is, fer hecksake.

Here’s some good general advice for anybody working anywhere — and for anyone working towards organizing a company culture — and for anyone managing a new time-management challenge doing remote work.

Get rid of “lazy.” It’s not helping.

At Clearview, we don’t really believe in the idea of laziness. We believe in the idea that people who are excited about what they’re working on — and feel like they’re contributing — are going to want to contribute and work.

The idea of laziness itself is, well… lazy. It’s a lazy way to describe the act of trying to work.


Clearview walks that talk; here’s why and how

Team Clearview gets together in Bali for a Summit during 2019

As ASIFA-Hollywood and the animation industry at large were celebrating the 47th Annual Annie Awards in February, we were celebrating our tenth year of partnership with the org.

Honestly, that long-haul vibe is one of the things that really makes Clearview so different — and we’re super proud of it.

Most outsourcing dev shops — that is to say, many of the many of those that have something along the lines of what we do, a structure by which we place developers long-term — need to be managed. To be a little clearer: Most outsourcing developers need to be managed. They need to be given tasks. They don’t end up becoming a part of the product team, or product decisions, or even architecture-level decisions. …

Working remote doesn’t have to feel like a life sentence in solitary. Here’s how

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

A lot of what people like about going into the office is that, well, they spend time with people.

That’s what the co-working concept developed around, naturally. You are in an office, doing all that familiar work stuff, but because you are actually in a space with people, you get some opportunity for good ol’ “water cooler conversation” — the emotional connection of being with people. And we need that.

What a lot of people end up experiencing when they go to remote — when they’re just doing Zoom calls and ticking through Slack reminders — is that all of their contact with their coworkers distills down to being just about the work. They’re just talking about the logistics…

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